Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in the Faithful Bloggers affiliate program!

Here are some reasons to promote Faithful Bloggers: 

  1. I pay commissions on time! (the 15th every month via PayPal)
  2. I take care of the people you entrust to me.
  3. My system will connect you and the person you referred so that any future purchases they make, you’ll get credit for.
  4. I pay 50% commission on all product sales!

How it Works:

When you sign up for the Faithful Bloggers affiliate program, here’s what happens:

  • You’ll receive a special link that will track all of your referrals to our various websites.
  • Put this link on your website, blog social bookmarks page, tell your friends, etc. (Important – Do NOT send unsolicited emails to promote Faithful Bloggers!)
  • I’ll pay you all amounts owing for the previous month via PayPal by the 15th of the following month (For Example – any commissions you earn in January will be paid on February 15th, February commissions will be paid March 15th, and so on.)


Note: To keep the integrity and spirit of my affiliate program, ordering or signing up through your own affiliate link is forbidden. Any commissions earned by you through your own affiliate link will be deleted/not paid.

Note: If someone purchases through your link and then requests a refund, you will not earn commission on any refunded purchases.