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I’m in the process of revamping the Christian Blog Directory and adding some new features.

Some of the updated featured will include:

  1. The ability to sort through the directory in a more meaningful way
  2. Featured listings
  3. Updated category listings
  4. The ability to leave comments on the blog listings you enjoy stating so
  5. The ability to share the blog listings you enjoy with your social media friends
  6. and more….

One thing that gets requested over and over is different types of categories.  With over 600 blogs listed, there is a large variety of  blogs. Do you have any suggested categories you would like to see in the blog directory?

14 thoughts on “Blog Directory Suggestions

  1. Linda

    Hi, when I recently contacted you to add my new blog about how to write a memoir, Spiritual Memoirs 101, I couldn’t figure out what category it should go in. I am not looking at your list as I type, but perhaps a “writing” category would be a good addition. Thanks!


  2. Jack

    I’ll re-iterate some and add a couple of category suggestions.

    Addiction Recovery

    Hope that helps.

  3. James

    How about a category devoted to ‘how to set up a blog’, where instructional blogs would be added. This would give a great selection of views on the best way to start blogging. What are the best plugins, themes, tips and tricks etc.

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