Blog Week @ MomWebs

Blog Week at MomWebs starts next week and I’m so excited.

Blog week is an entire week devoted to helping bloggers with a free webinar everyday!

Each webinar is held at 1pm EST.  Here’s the schedule:

  • Monday: Creating Content & Building Traffic for your Blog
  • Tuesday: Choosing Themes & Plugins for your Blog
  • Wednesday: Using Audio & Video on your Blog
  • Thursday: Creating Profits for Your Blog
  • Friday: Open Blog Marketing Q& A

I’ve been with MomWebs for years now and have been super happy with them.  It’s even where Faithful Bloggers is hosted at.  :)

I will be popping in to some of the webinars to answer any WordPress questions people might have too.

I highly suggest you go sign up for access to the free webinars.  Even if you are not available at the scheduled time, you can watch the replays later.


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