Free Printables: Irish Blessings

Irish Blessings

For some people St. Patrick’s Day can be just an excuse to get drunk but there is wonderful Christian history behind St. Patrick and traditional Irish blessings. This blogger has created some lovely printables of Irish prayers and blessings to enhance your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and add some seasonal (and spiritual!) festivity to your home.

BETA Tribe Leader Membership Opportunity


The BETA Tribe Leader Membership we opened up to our Community last week is rocking and we are thrilled. Conversations are flowing on the Private Membership Forum and we’re getting some great input for the membership we offer when we come out of BETA. We are only keeping the doors open to BETA Tribe Leaders […]

Free 2015 Blogging Planner


Lynette Chandler has been publishing a fantastic free Blogging Planner for several years now and in 2015, it’s better than ever. Grab your free download here:  The only price you’ll pay is sharing the freebie on social media – which is awesome since others will love hearing about it!

Join Us On A Writing Date!


National Writing Date Day is coming up Saturday, September 6th and we (Kelly & Tishia) will definitely be participating!  Will you join us?  If yes, leaves us a comment – then click on this image to register and join the Writing Date Facebook Group.

Here’s Your Chance To Start A Mailing List


Writing a blog gives you a chance to reach the world with a message.  Having a mailing list that your readers can subscribe too is a way to let them ask for more. Do you have a Mailing List set up? We’ve found there are a shocking number of bloggers who don’t, and so we […]

Messages About New Growth


Our latest Group Writing Project is complete! Messages About New Growth is available to you today.  Download the PDF here. We thank the following members of our Faithful Bloggers Community for submitting content perfect for the topic: Michael of Karin of Jen of Roxy of Connie of Diana of […]

Spring Group Writing Project: New Growth

New ideas

If you are willing to write something exclusively for Faithful Bloggers and would like to be part of our next Group Writing Project, we’d love to have you join us. What is a Group Writing Project? It’s an opportunity for you to submit a written essay that will be published as a collection here on the […]

Infographic: Tips for Writing a Devotion


My friend Kelly McCausey challenged her blog readers to create an infographic. I thought it sounded like fun and  created the one below. Click on the image to view a bigger version. I would love to hear your thoughts especially since it was my first time creating one.