Faithful Blogging Prompt #45

Faithful Blogging Prompt #45:

What 3 blogging tips would you give a new Christian blogger?

If you do end up using the topic to write about, come back and leave a link in the comments section, so that we can come read it.

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    When we first started blogging, we did a lot of research on the Internet for articles about how and what to do to promote your blog. The one thing being said repeatedly was that you must decide the content you wish to stick to and become very good at it. Another tip was to find a niche you enjoy; because if this is something you plan on doing for an income, it must be something you are willing to do daily, for a long time.

    With the little experience we now have under our belt, the one thing that rings true from Scriptures is the sense of community, family of friends or believers. The importance of making connections and building relationships holds true in life and in blogging. So often it is a numbers game with building an income, yet the value of our treasures in heaven can never be overlooked. What good does it prosper a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul.

    Too often we got so busy with business (busi-ness) we neglected our relationship with God, neglected our daily Bible reading or studying, lost our moorings and purpose in the kingdom, etc. It is not worth it to lose sight of our purpose to first fellowship with our God, then with the Body of Christ. A dry soul is not a creative one, but a stressed one and everyone suffers from it.

    It is also hard to remember as wives and mothers; the home must not be neglected. I learned the importance of having the children be a great part of any income from home, to include them in ways that grow, to keep them connected to family first then the business that brings them into the possibility of a family income. It is also important to allow them to search for their niche. It takes time to build a reputation and draw people into your community. Sometimes we often feel the need so desperately for an income the time factor weighs heavy, but there is no fast easy way to earn an income, believe me we fell for many scams before we learned our lesson.

    My daughter and I thought of several different things to try over the last 11 years to earn income from home for one reason or another logistics will dictate the feasibility of any endeavor. The resources available to pursue a course of action often influence the ability to do so. It does take money to invest in ways that are quicker, but the tried and true old fashion word of mouth is still the best way to promote, in other words, community. Prayer is so important, reliance upon God, seeking God for open doors that He would have you to walk through.

    Also check you state laws for affiliate programs, as in our state they are in conflict with the local market so the state put laws in to prevent out of state programs from being used. It really hurt a lot of bloggers in our state. Hope some of this helps, it takes time and patience.
    Mrs. J.

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    What I would suggest to a first time blogger is 1.Make sure what the blog is about, is in line with the Truth of Scripture.2. The blog Glorifies our Savior. 3. And the blog is helpful not harmful to others reading. We are the light of Jesus & others must see that light through our words & actions. John 3:19-20

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    Hey Courtney! Did I misunderstand? I thought we were suppose to leave a link to our post. Do I need to Re-comment a summary of what my tips are? God Bless, PJ

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    Hi Patti,

    No you are correct, that was my original intention – to leave links to your posts. Others have decided to post their thoughts directly in the comments, which is fine too.


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