Faithful Blogging Prompt #85

Faithful Blogging Prompt #85:

What is one thing you would tell a new blogger just starting out?

If you do end up using the topic to write about, come back and leave a link in the comments section, so that we can come read it.

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    Give them fresh pertinent CONTENT. Do not worry about SEO or anything else. Just supply the answer to the questions people have within your niche. Fresh content at least twice a week should be good …more would be best! Be yourself, do not try to copy someone else and especially there CONTENT. Most of all enjoy what you are passionate about and may it shout clearly that you love what you are doing!!!!!

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    Hi Courtney! This is a great question for new bloggers. Building a blog takes time and dedication, if someone is stuck trying to figure out where to begin I would suggest establishing a relationship with other bloggers who can help you build an audience, answer questions and get great advice.

    Hope this helps someone. :)

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    When i first started blogging I wanted to write every week. But soon I realized I may not have a new thought for every week to write about. I started praying about it and the Lord led me to once a month and if I could do more then so be it. So my advise would be to try not to do so much that you end up sitting with your blog in your face and you are wondering what the heck you are there for!

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