We Want To Meet You On The Edge

Hey there Faithful Blogger! Are you snuggled in all safe and sound in that comfort zone you've been in for far too long? Or are you packed and ready to venture out into a new place? What's it going to take to nudge you into that willing space... right on the very edge between what is familiar and … [Read More...]


Free 2015 Blogging Planner

Lynette Chandler has been publishing a fantastic free Blogging Planner for several years now and in 2015, it's better than ever. Grab your free download here:  The only price you'll pay is sharing the freebie on social media - which is awesome since others will love hearing about it! … [Read More...]

faydra koenig

Finding a Safe Place After Crisis

Holidays have a way of magnifying any crisis that we might be facing. Do you feel as though you're at the bottom of a pit you can't climb out of? Faydra Koenig offers you a safe place where you can safely talk, get help and work through whatever crisis you are facing right now. No matter how … [Read More...]

Stress Free Christmas

My Top Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

    It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year....but maybe not so much as holiday stresses, family and money concerns tend to pile up during this time of year. This blogger offers some sanity saving tips to help you focus on what's truly important during this time of … [Read More...]

Recent Devotions

My topic comes from Psalm 117:1-2. It says, ” Praise the Lord all you nations.  Extol him, all you peoples.  for great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.” This chapter of Psalm is another reason to praise the Lor Read More -->

The Presence of God. Ruth and Naomi found themselves in very trying circumstances after each suffered the loss of a husband and the inescapable grief that accompanies death. Scripture gives us a snapshot into their lives and we get a glimpse of the s Read More -->

Happy New Year! These are the words ringing from every direction today.  Last night we kissed 2014 goodbye and said hello to a fresh new year.  Some people were happy to see it go.  Some were hoping the same good fortune of 2014 would follow them to Read More -->

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