Free 2015 Blogging Planner

Lynette Chandler has been publishing a fantastic free Blogging Planner for several years now and in 2015, it's better than ever. Grab your free download here:  The only price you'll pay is sharing the freebie on social media - which is awesome since others will love hearing about it! … [Read More...]

faydra koenig

Finding a Safe Place After Crisis

Holidays have a way of magnifying any crisis that we might be facing. Do you feel as though you're at the bottom of a pit you can't climb out of? Faydra Koenig offers you a safe place where you can safely talk, get help and work through whatever crisis you are facing right now. No matter how … [Read More...]

Stress Free Christmas

My Top Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

    It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year....but maybe not so much as holiday stresses, family and money concerns tend to pile up during this time of year. This blogger offers some sanity saving tips to help you focus on what's truly important during this time of … [Read More...]

Recent Devotions

I want to save the world.  I wish I could gather every person who hurts into my arms and love on them.  I want to open up the chests of hurting people and pour Jesus’s love directly into their hearts.  I know what it’s like to hurt, feel rejection, s Read More -->

By Andy Vaughn Last week I had the pleasure of holding a sleeping seven pound ball of potential. Two of my dear friends, Dan and Sydney, recently  had their first child. His name is Oliver, and you can see the features of his family tree from his nos Read More -->

One more week until Christmas and it’s filled with last minute shopping, wrapping paper strewn all about and finishing up the last few details for the family get-togethers (at least that’s what it’s like around here). I don’t know about you but I fee Read More -->

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