The Burdens We Bear

As an adult child of a narcissistic mother, finding normalcy in my adult life has been a long journey. It's one that I'm beginning to suspect will not be finished this side of heaven. It hasn't been easy finding writings on this subject from a Christian perspective and I was happy to find this … [Read More...]

What Does Jesus Think Of Outcasts?

    We often read of Jesus coming along the outcasts of his time to minister to and heal them. How does it look for us in modern times? Who are the outcasts, the "least of these" and how can we show them the love of Christ? This blogger reminds us that present day outcasts … [Read More...]

Risking Failure

Most of us don't really like failure, and we might even avoid it at all costs. But in life, everyone faces failure at some point. For those who choose to take risks and live outside their comfort zone, failure tends to be a more common reality. And it's not always a bad thing. This blogger talks … [Read More...]

How the Influential Wife Defeats Goliath

Busy wives and moms often struggle with making the time for healthy communication with their husbands. It can be hard, during the daily stresses of life to make the effort to communicate clearly. This blogger reminds us that God has much to say in His Word about our influence and role as a wife. … [Read More...]

Recent Devotions

What Kind of Heart do you Have? Hummingbirds are the tiniest birds in the world and can flash their bright colors, as well as hide them if needed. A hummingbirds heart is about 2.5% of their total body weight and is about the size of a pencil eraser. Read More -->

The sun rises in the east but it sets in the west.  It moves.  If you go outside to stand in the sun in the morning but you do not move, soon you will be in the shade.  We are to follow the light of the world, Jesus Christ, but if we don’t move we [… Read More -->

5:10 AM Being an early riser by nature, it’s not an unusual time for me to be up. But those particular red numbers from the digital clock are now permanently etched in my brain. That’s what happens when four rapid-fire gunshots so loud they could be Read More -->

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