My hour with Oscar de la Renta

  You may know that the legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta passed away recently. I thought it would be interesting to feature this blogger who shares great pics and the unique experience of seeing some traveling exhibits that feature his work and artistry while they were visiting … [Read More...]

Have You Found Your Support Sister?

In this age of cyber friends, it's easy to forget that we need real life fellowship and support. Do you have a friend who will lift you up and be there through thick and thin? If not, this blogger encourages us to do the following... Begin today asking God to bring that woman into your life that … [Read More...]

A Word Fitly Spoken: Following After Fear

As we read the stories of the Old Testament prophets it's easy to see that despite seeing the power and presence of God firsthand that they struggled with doubts and fears such as we do. This blogger shares her own struggle with doubting God's provision and trying to trust in her own strength. I … [Read More...]

The Burdens We Bear

As an adult child of a narcissistic mother, finding normalcy in my adult life has been a long journey. It's one that I'm beginning to suspect will not be finished this side of heaven. It hasn't been easy finding writings on this subject from a Christian perspective and I was happy to find this … [Read More...]

Recent Devotions

Once, while on errand for the King, I found myself waiting for a plane in the quite popular, highly commercial, flourishing “big oil money” metropolis of Dubai, where, for half a year’s salary, you can spend the night in a hotel suite. (Inclusion of Read More -->

I was in the check out line at Walgreens.  I needed some face wash and lotion and of course, let’s go for the age defying version.  The lady in front of me was finishing her transaction and getting ready to walk away, so I sat my items on the counter Read More -->

I’ve heard a number of missionary presentations, but two are written with permanent marker on my mind. One was from a young family living in the Middle East, another from the jungles of southeast Asia. I was in wonder of how their talks were marked u Read More -->

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