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Tishia Lee Sept. 2016About Tishia  

I believe it’s time for Faith Based Bloggers to drop the Religious Act. It turns the world off and does everyone a disservice. When Believers are made to feel they have to act a certain way to look like a ‘Good Christian’, they lose their ability to be authentic.

I don’t want to act. I don’t want to pretend. I’m a real person. I’m rough around the edges and Jesus loves me. The same is true for you and every other person walking the earth. To send any other message is to play into religious nonsense, the very hypocritical stuff Jesus fought when he walked the earth.

No more mask! It’s time I put down the mask and let you see the true me – faults and all. Some things you may agree with and others you may not…that’s okay! We can agree to disagree right now and all be REAL together.

I’m not afraid anymore to do what I’ve asked you to do “Turn your Mess into a Message” and I’m starting today.

Want to know more about me? Take a look at this Fun & Quirky Things About Me post. That’s me in a nutshell! 



10 thoughts on “About Faithful Bloggers & Tishia

  1. SarahMamaof2

    Cortney and Kelly – i just wanted to thank both of you for this was a wonderful idea!!! i love everything about it. Cortney i like your blog and will visit again soon. Kellly i could not get onto Wisdom Begun??
    Blessings to you – sarah

  2. Vicky Hall

    I do think God is going to use you in this endeavor. I have a fairly new blog, and I was looking for ways to “promote” it. (I don’t believe God laid it on my heart to write everyday for no one to see it!) I prayed SPECIFICALLY this morning to be lead to a site where I can accomplish this. All of the other “blog hops” just seemed to be lacking. Then, I clicked on a link from another blogger that brought me to you. Look how good God is to me!! Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn and grow with your group. ~Vicky

  3. Judy

    Hi Courtney,

    I recently submitted my blog to be included in your directory under devotional about two weeks ago, but I don’t see it. Can you locate it for me? It’s called Walking With God. Thanks.


  4. melody

    I am a christian wife, mom and young granny who blogs about her family & grandchildren…her faith, happiness and hope in the day to day life. How thankful I am for my many gifts… how would I get in the directory?

  5. Barry

    I came across a site that had your logo. Thought I’d check you out. Nice site. I started my own blog, about one or two years ago.

    As much as I appreciated onecoolsite for helping me to learn how to blog; I wanted a Christian site to help flesh out my learning. If you visit my site; you’ll understand what I mean.

    I liked what you were saying in “Blogging the Bible.” Like to get more ideas geared to helping blogs designed for encouragement and inspiration.

    Have a blessed day.

  6. Lisa L Keck

    I am trying to get involved with your site. I put a link on my blog but it took me to a search page with choices rather than right here. My blog is about my faith as everday events spark something. It’s called Ears in the Cornfield which is something my mother used to say so it’s also related to her as much as possible. She was also blind so I have insights from studying the braille code as well. Well I’ll keep working on it. My friend had a badge on her site. That’s what I’m attempting next.

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