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Every blog post you publish should include an image that fits your chosen topic.  It helps to keep the reader interested and to break up the text.  The problem is that purchasing images can you can use gets expensive quickly.  Plus you have to keep copyright issues in mind.  You can”t just go do a Google image search and just any image you find.  That”s why I found, Top 10 Places to Find Free Stock Images For Your WordPress Site by Sarah Gooding at, to be a great resource.

Sarah lists online casino some great sites to find free image you can use and says

“Given that WordPress powers roughly 19% of the web, many of these image services have accompanying WordPress plugins to make it easy for publishers to find and post images. We’ll make note of those wherever available.”

Of course being a WordPress enthusiast, this caught my attention!  So go check it out and find a great image to use with your next post!

3 thoughts on “Free Images For Your Blog

  1. Carole Leah

    Hi Courtney
    I am so new to this whole field of social media. I am attempting with God’s help to start a blog next month and haven’t a clue how to do it. Have found Court Tuttle on line who seems the easiest guy to work with to get me started and registered etc. Have read Michael Hyatt’s book “Platform” and am convinced I need to be brave and do this.
    I am writing a whole range of books based on the Bible that help 3–9-year-olds with their reading (see God called me to do this back in the 80’s and as you will see from the website 12 sets of boxed books are in the plan. The first set (A) ‘The Creation Series’ – 8 books to read to 3-4 year olds is already in print and available to purchase. Set B ‘The Jesus Series’ (16 books for 4–5-year-olds to read themselves) is being published by Westbow Press in the States right now.
    If you feel that you have the time, inclination and patience to help me get started with any tips and advice then please let me know. Don’t feel at all obligated but if God is calling you to get alongside me to help I would be delighted to receive your expertise.
    Thank you for the link for the free pictures – I don’t even know how to download these let alone putting them on a blog – that’s how ignorant I am about computers but am willing to learn if someone has the patience to coach me!
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Carole Leah

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