How to Write Your Testimony

As mentioned in previous posts, sharing your testimony online is a great way to encourage others in Christ.  It’s a true example of Christ’s love for all people.

Although many may want to publish their testimony online, they may not be sure how to get started.  Sharing one’s testimony is a very personal and intimate story and that can be hard to share for some.

Before you even start writing your testimony out, you should pray about it first.  Pray for God’s guidance and the correct words to use.  This one step makes the entire process so much easier.  🙂

In my opinion there are three basic points that need to be addressed in any testimony.

  1. What your life was like before you were saved – Your life before salvation can hard to admit to at times.  We have all sinned and while the God does not make distinctions between various sins, the world does.  Admitting to the world that we lived a sinful life, especially if the sin is appalling to the world, takes courage.  However it’s important that we tell others.  It allows the world to see what you were and what you became after Christ.
  2. What led you to Christ – When sharing your testimony it’s important to share how and why you got saved.  Did a friend invite you to church?  Did you read a blog online that got you to start asking questions?  Did you see a difference in someone else and wanted to know what that change was.  Describe your experience leading up to, during, and after salvation.
  3. What your life was like after you were saved – Not everyone has a visible outward change after salvation.  A lot of times the changes are found inside – in the way we think, in the way make decisions, etc.  But the Bible is very specific, there is a change.

Writing your testimony requires you to be honest.  So above all else whatever you write, make sure it’s the truth.  It’s not only effects you but anyone else who may read it.  You don’t want to cast any doubt on Christ’s love for the sinner but to encourage the lost and other believers and to bring glory to God.

10 thoughts on “How to Write Your Testimony

  1. Eileen

    One thing God has taught me over the years is that often fear of embarrassment kept me from giving my testimony. Coming from a background of abuse is one thing, but sexual abuse is another. Far too long I thought I had to give details to have the impact of just how bad humanity can be, in order for the glory of God to shine. Therefore, I just kept quiet, for I did not want to speak of the evils that happen. There is a Bible verse that says not to speak of the evil men do. Then again, the Apostle Paul stated that some who sin should be brought before the front of the fellowship. The balance in giving a testimony was hard for me, due to the fact I had not allowed God to bring the healing, the deep cleaning healing of past wounds. After I was freer from the pain and released it to God, it was ever so much easier to talk of God’s grace and not the evil that happened. Details were not needed in order to speak of God’s grace to a stony, stiff neck, cold heart, turned tender by His love.

  2. Meg

    This article is really great and now I know where to start in writing my testimony. Writing a testimony is something that I wanna do. Maybe not now but sometime in the near future.

    Thanks Courtney!

  3. Tasha Johnson

    Such a great article! I try to write on my blog a personal testimony of what God is currently doing in my life once a month. (I call it “Heart Song”) But I’ve never written my salvation experience/testimony before…how weird right? Anyhow, now that you’ve brought this to my attention, I think I now know what my next “Heart Song” will be.

    Thank you,

  4. Miss J.

    Your posts about witnessing by putting your testimony on your blog convicted me to do it. The problem was how to tell my testimony. It is different from most of the ones I hear because I accepted Jesus as my savior at a young age and did not leave Him. But after spending some time in prayer God showed me that He has done wonderful things in my life and heart, and I need to share those things with others. So thank you for challenging me to talk more about my faith on my blog. In the process I have also worked out some issues I have been struggling with for some time.

    1. Fredric Schuster

      I am starting a blog. I felt like the Lord wanted me to reach out to all people I knew over the years in different cults, I mean “churches’. I have been on a real life journey and am now 61. I a convicted that my time is short on this planet and I want to do what I can to bring people to Jesus. I have to say I don’t know a particular incident when I was saved? I am still being saved. I did not have a technocolor experience. I did join am mininstry in my 20″s and I beleive I was saved. But I fell hard and in the last ten years I have been getting closer to the Lord and relearning a lot of error. I want to share but I was really bad for five years or more. I know I was saved even like David when he was plotting murder and screwing Bathsheba, BUT. How to I share things that may really be a deliverance for some other wayward Christian with out hurting others who would say “no good thing can come from Nazareth’ and judge me. A fine line. I need to pray about it more.

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