Seven Tips on How To Write a Devotion

Writing a devotion can offer hope to your readers and inspire them in a way that lectures or plain articles, may not. A devotional is a very well thought out piece about one very minute topic usually focusing on a particular spiritual lesson.

Writing devotionals does not have to be difficult, there are many steps you can take to calm yourself down, get centered and write what God wants you to write.


Yes!  There is something already inside you that God wants you to say. You just have to open your heart to the Holy Spirit, and listen.

  1. Be prayerful — Before you put pen to paper, or rather, start typing, pray. Ask God to tell you what He would have you to write about. What message does He want you to impart? Be mindful of what comes to mind as you are praying. Does a particular person come to mind with a specific issue? Does a specific verse pop into your head? Listen. He will tell you what to write.
  2. Pick one topic — After intensely praying about what to write, pick one topic that comes to mind and be very focused on that one topic. It is easy to get carried away writing with all the ideas that will come to you!
  3. Keep it short — Your devotional should be no more than one page, or 500 words. But it is even better if it’s less than 500 words, shoot for 250 words to keep yourself focused on one small laser targeted topic.  This will also help to keep your reader interested and with you.
  4. Know your audience — When you have your topic, write it to a specific audience, this is known as your “target market” in business, but here, this is your audience. Ask yourself the question:  Who is going to read this devotional? If it helps, write your devotional as if you’re writing it to a dear friend.
  5. Check your facts — Make sure, if you are quoting biblical scripture that you not only check the scriptures to make sure you are not taking something out of context, and that you are quoting it correctly, but make sure you are using a relevant verse to support your devotional.
  6. Inspire action — Ask the readers to do something at the end of your message in your closing paragraph. That action will depend on what your message was about. You can end with a very short prayer if you wish, but keep it related to the message.
  7. Be yourself — Remember to be yourself. You’re not perfect — no human is — and that is perfectly okay. Grammar isn’t as important as your message. Do check your spelling with the spell checker, and have someone else read it if you wish, but the message is the most important thing here.

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When you think about a devotional, you probably visualize a small, pocket sized book. That’s still a popular format of course – but oh the options we have today!

  • You can publish your devotional on Amazon’s Kindle.
  • You can offer your devotions as an email subscription.
  • You can publish your messages as blog posts.
  • You can record your devotions as a podcast via iTunes.
  • You can deliver your messages on video and publish to YouTube.
  • You can design your message as a graphic to be shared on social media channels.
  • You can mesh your written devotions with blank pages and publish as a Prayer Journal though a service like CreateSpace.
  • You can even blend your devotions with coloring pages – that’s a hot trend!


15 thoughts on “Seven Tips on How To Write a Devotion

  1. Judy

    Hello Courtney,

    Over the past 2 years, I’ve become a devotional writer. I launched my devotional writing blog last summer and have been on a roll ever since. I’m being published at, and I aspire to write a devotional book one day. The editor of Everyday Christian contacted me a few months ago to write for his website. I’m in the process of getting in touch with him.

    Please visit my devotional writing blog at Is there a way to contribute to this site? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


  2. Janis@Open My Ears Lord


    Thank you for the tips on how to write a devotional. Each time I write a post for my blog, my goal is for it to be devotional or faith inspiring. These tips will help steer my writing and help to focus it as well.

    I do hope to write devotionals for publication. One of my recent posts will be published in a newsletter distributed by Family Life Radio. They have edited it to fit their space but this is exciting for me. I hope I will have the opportunity to do more devotional writing.

    If you get a chance, please stop by my blog and offer any suggestions that you think will be helpful for both the reader and myself.

    Thank you for all of the information you include in your newsletters. Please let me know if you accept guest posts.

    Thank you.


  3. Deborah

    Thanks for sharing the tip on blogging. I do a daily devotional on my blog called
    Daily-Bible-Reading. It is good to hear ideas from others who are doing the same type of work.

  4. Bob Delaney

    Dear Courtney,

    Thanks for your tips for devotional writing. I share your desire for writing a devotional book. I published my first devotional book last year. It is called A-Z Daily Devotional Journal and can be found at I have also published an autobiography called God’s Unfolding Plan. I try to write a devotion each day and publish it on my blog: to help challenge and inspire believers to a closer walk with the Lord. Please check them out and let me know your comments. What can I do to get more people to check out the blog and become a follower?

  5. Tyvette

    Thank you so much for the information. I desire to write a devotional. I have so many ideas, just don’t know where to start. I look forward to receiving more inspiration and gentle nudges to get started, from your blog! Thank you!

    1. Gerhard

      Tyvette, I suggest you ban all thoughts of writing a book full of devotions and write JUST ONE DEVOTION. A short one, but a good one. When you’re done, revise it a hundred times, if necessary (Hemingway said: I sharpen my prose like the bullfighter sharpens his sword).
      Then submit it to a Christian website or magazine. STAY IN THE MARKET until someone posts/publishes it.
      This will give you the sense of success you need. Now, important, go to the next step. The next step is: write JUST ONE DEVOTION. A short one, but a good one ….

  6. Enoch

    Upon reading the points I realised a Have a Personal Bible Study Time(quiet time) is not included. I want to believe it is infered in the point be prayerful other than than, it has to be either point two or one. It’s most important we have Personal Study times because it is in those moments that God speaks to our heart. A pen and note book should be handy to record what God tells us in our personal study time. That said, we must also be cautious we are not studying purposely to get points to write on. First and foremost, our study should build us up and challenge us, before we can reach out to others.

  7. Monica

    I have recently felt the Lord calling me to journal which has lead me into thinking of publishing devotionals. Any tips starting out would be appreciated

  8. DAN

    I ran across these great points as I searched for ways to improve my writing. I am currently writing a 365 day devotional for posterity. It is meant for my family and future generations. It consists of stories about our family that point to a biblical truth. I desire it to be a book of precious memories for my children and a spiritual book of wisdom for generations to come. While I believe it could eventually be published, that is not my primary motivation. My challenge right now is making a decision in what voice to write (first person or third person). One part of me wants to write in first person as if I am speaking to my children and relating things from my personal perspective in the first person, but then with subsequent generations, it might be more effective or appealing to write in the third person. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Blessings to you. Dan

  9. Freda Reynolds

    God led a couple of us girls to blogging about 18 months ago. It is a devotional blog that we hope will encourage the body of Christ. Thank you for the tips. I think we will find them very helpful in the coming weeks.

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